How I work

My aim in our sessions is to create a space in which you can feel safe to bring in all aspects of your self and work towards a fuller experience of living. 

Integrative counselling means that I draw from a range of approaches, depending on your needs and strengths. For example it might be helpful for you to use imaginative practices such as visualisation, or to focus on how you experience your body.

I work with a transpersonal framework, which is about looking at what’s beyond personal identity and how we might belong to something greater than ourselves. 

I have worked with people who are experiencing:  

  • stuckness and procrastination
  • grief and loss
  • anxiety and overthinking
  • shame and low self-worth
  • deadness, emptiness
  • isolation, loneliness
  • overwhelm

Central to my work is a belief in the transformational power of the therapeutic relationship.