My Background   I grew up in Ireland with Scottish parents, so like many Londoners I identify with more than one culture or heritage.

Psychology   Before training as a counsellor and setting up in private practice, I studied Psychology (MA) and worked across a range of roles, including providing therapy in an NHS service for people experiencing anxiety and depression, assistant nursing in psychiatric wards, and support work for adults and children with learning difficulty and difference (especially autism).

Personal Development   I decided to train in counselling because of my personal experience of long-term therapy, so I have an inside-out understanding of the benefits and challenges of the therapeutic journey. 

Creative Practice / Fine Art   I studied Fine Art (BA, PGDip) and worked for many years as an artist. I approach counselling with the same questions I held as a creative practitioner. What is it like to be human? How do we create meaning? What is it to belong?

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